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B'more BGE renters & homeowners, get $50 promotion, 10% off your electric bills, local solar power.

Updated: Feb 19

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  • Get $50 check to sign on & monthly discount

  • No installation needed

  • Joining is easy, no cancellation fee

  • Link to "Rivers Project" solar farm w/plantings!

  • Decarbonize & reduce pollution

  • Expand zero waste & zero emissions in Maryland

  • Build resilient local economy for future generations

As a proud charter member since 2019, Echotopia LLC owner Diane is partnering with pioneering community solar provider Neighborhood Sun. Who benefits? Your wallet, Echotopia LLC, the region and the planet.

"As a BGE customer who couldn't afford to install solar panels and didn't have a suitable roof anyway, I saw the opportunity to get local community solar through Neighborhood Sun as a fulfillment of a longstanding goal. I proudly displayed my yard sign until it finally disintegrated! The team walked me through the process, answered multiple questions, and helped me navigate every aspect. My home-based business is a happy place! As a proponent of both zero waste and zero emissions, I am honored that Echotopia is now a partner with another 'business-for-good' Neighborhood Sun."

- Diane Wittner, Principal, Echotopia LLC

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