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Why stop at zero waste?Support clean energy, too. Echotopia is carbon neutral w/ Neighborhood Sun.

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

In 2018, as a resident, I became a charter subscriber with Neighborhood Sun, Maryland's economic justice-oriented community solar provider and a certified B corporation. This energy powers my home office/maker site. Who needs energy from fossil fuels when we can shift to solar!? My home office uses solar power (from nearby panels) supplied to the grid unless there isn't enough sunlight, in which case, regional wind power kicks in. No start up or installation costs, because nothing is installed on property. Available to renters, homeowners, and savings/discounts are available. You too can be carbon neutral and help shift from polluting fossil fuels! Learn more at Tell 'em Diane from Echotopia sent ya!

Watch THIS VIDEO to learn more!

#BodyHomeCommunityEarth #MoreGoodEchoes

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