About Echotopia®

Started in 2015, Echotopia® is a pioneering woman-owned social enterprise. With a popular refill station at Baltimore weekend farmers markets, we make and sell zero waste, garden based, biodegradable: laundry detergent, all purpose kitchen/bath cleaning powder and hand scrub powder. We also offer trash-free packaging & plastic-free or compostable household accessories. We grow our own herbs & native plants. Our Seed Rounds are 2" plantable paper discs that contain embedded native perennial seeds. The wildflowers that germinate from planted Seed Rounds eventually host & feed pollinators, promoting regeneration, restoration, reciprocity and biodiversity.


Our focus is local fair trade and in-person sales. Echotopia® has a continuing positive impact on the environment and on the local living economy. Together, we protect, restore and regenerate the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  Together, we can clean it up.


Echotopia LLC, Baltimore, Maryland


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