Echoes are sound multipliers. Topia is about a specific place.

Echotopia® is music to our ears.

To build the local living economy, Echotopia's focus is on financial fairness & health, along with local & regional economic exchanges. We implement cleaner, greener practices, reducing regional air, water & soil pollution along with public & environmental health costs of dependence on toxic incinerators, landfill or plastics 'recycling'. Our good business echoes:

Woman Led & Women Mentors

Seed Rounds Build Biodiversity & Reduce Species Decline

Making Path to Freedom From Plastic & Fossil Fuels

Beyond Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) to Complete Producer Responsibility 

Refill Station - 1st in Maryland

Zero Waste Advocacy with Clean Water Action Maryland  & Coalition

Local Fair Trade Economic Exchanges

Supporter of Baltimore Fair Development Roundtable's Zero Waste Plan

Aromatic Herbs & Essential Oils

Biodegradable Product Ingredients

Reusable or Compostable Packaging & Accessories

Clean Energy - Community Solar/Wind

Bulk Purchases for Zero Waste & Customer Choice

Concentrated Cleaners for Greater Affordability

Local Garden-Based

Echotopia LLC, Baltimore, Maryland


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