Our Impact 2015-2019

​Trash Reduction

We have prevented over 2,500 items of trash through refills/sales, thus reducing dependence on toxic incinerators or landfill. We keep daily count via our rustic Creature Love Refill Sign

Pollinator Gardens for Building Biodiversity

We have promoted pollinator gardens, nature’s abundance and biodiversity through sales of about 400 plantable Echotopia Seed Rounds. Once planted then germinated, our Seed Rounds help educate customers and friends, and build local ecosystem regeneration, restoration, and reciprocity.







Mid Atlantic Chesapeake Bay Watershed Protection

We have protected Mid-Atlantic waterways and life systems in and around streams, rivers, the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean, from plastic trash and toxic chemical pollution, through hundreds of customers’ use of our trash-free, biodegradable cleaners. This means less costly & polluting incineration, landfill or recycling. 

Local Fair Trade Economy

Echotopia has expanded Baltimore’s fair trade, local living economy through: a) pioneering our zero waste packaging and refill station model at farmers markets, b) fair pay for our contractors and vendors, c) 97% local person-to-person sales/refills, d) prioritizing local vendors e) utilizing local farm and garden ingredients in our products. 


Echotopia LLC, Baltimore, Maryland


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