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"Finding the Mother Tree" is Echotopia's 2022 hope alert. Do you need inspiration as...

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

...we begin 2022? I won't give away the (ahem, hidden but essential life-building) topic, but...check out Dr. Suzanne Simard, a pioneering British Columbian forest ecologist, teacher & author. Wowee. Buy, share, borrow, talk about, form policy around Dr. Simard's new book Finding the Mother Tree . I just finished it.

Here's an excellent article "Finding the Mother Tree by Suzanne Simard" Also, find her websites &

There's a powerful metaphor for me about hidden superpowers in Dr. Simard's discoveries about how trees, and therefore forest ecosystems, thrive. Here's to the multitudes of behind the scenes women leaders - superheroes - getting life sustaining work done without fanfare. Here's to expanding wise, beneficial human behavior patterns. And, yes, in active partnership with the non-human world, where beauty and surprises abound.

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