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Diane is interviewed & shares good news abt 5yrs of Echotopia's refill station: ppl love zero waste!

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Thank you to South Baltimore Community Land Trust for organizing the press conference. Big thank you to Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) for producing this ground-breaking report that revealed that Baltimore burns and buries 97% of plastic, and only recycles 2.2%.

Here's a quote from local organizer & press conference host Shashawnda Campbell, Environmental Justice Coordinator, South Baltimore Community Land Trust about the report, the plastic crisis and harms of waste incineration::“In Baltimore the Bresco incinerator causes 55 million dollars a year in health damages. The environmental injustice of burning trash, including plastics, in communities of color and low income could never be undone because that would mean bringing back the lives that have been lost to air pollution and we all know that can’t be done. What could be done is transitioning to zero waste and away from incineration to make sure no more lives are lost.”

Speaking of transitioning to zero waste, I was glad to report that my growing cadre of customers will go out of their way to find me at markets, etc. to engage in refill purchases in glass, not plastic, of my products.

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