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Dr. Jane Goodall, Philly's Judy Wicks, & poet botanist Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Who are your mentors? I consider three extraordinary women to be among mine. I have met Dr. Jane Goodall in person, Judy Wicks via media, and have had brief email correspondence with poetic botanist Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer, though I know her teachings well.

We choose our mentors however we wish.

Dr. Jane Goodall: When my sons Gabriel and Baird were younger, they loved animals, as do most children. So one day, in the early 2000's, we took off work and school and traveled to Northenr Virgina to meet Dr. Jane Goodall, who was giving a speech. Our informal meeting resulted in extended personal correspondence (how did she find the time?!) initiated and maintained by this pioneering & impactful woman! Back when postcards amd letters were a thing. What a thrill it was to receive letters and postcards from Dr. Jane. Check out Dr. Jane's children-focused Roots & Shoots program, still going strong.

Judy Wicks: In 2006, as podcast host for a progressive parallel government, I interviewed Philadelphia-based Judy Wicks on her groundbreaking work starting a business for good while advancing the concept of local living, or circular economies. Judy was a nominee for our imagined Department of Labor. Now that I look back, I recognize that I first heard about women leadership in eco-business and local living economies from her. Fast forward to Echotopia: In 2014, Judy mentored me in a lengthy phone call, in the run up to Echotopia's opening farmers market season, offering me great advice and contacts. More recently, 2020, I was thrilled to learn about Judy's new inspiring projects via a second video interview.

Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer: whom I only recently discoverred AFTER I had set up shop at Echotopia. Can I have an 'after-my-business-started' mentor? See my blog post on poetic botanist Dr. Kimmerer.

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