Echotopia® Farmers Market Stall, Baltimore MD

Echotopia® Farmers Market Stall, Baltimore MD

Echotopia® Cleaning Products #CleanNGreen

Echotopia® Cleaning Products #CleanNGreen

Diane w/refill sign #DIY #CreatureLove

Diane w/refill sign #DIY #CreatureLove

Recycled Containers #CommonSense

Recycled Containers #CommonSense

Echotopia® Seed Rounds #BuildBiodiversity

Echotopia® Seed Rounds #BuildBiodiversity

Dried herbs & Seed Rounds #FromOurGarden

Dried herbs & Seed Rounds #FromOurGarden


Echotopia® is Baltimore's garden-based, zero-waste and biodiversity building cleaning products business.

2018 MILESTONES: In just 3 years, Echotopia’s customers have…

1. Prevented over 2,000 items of trash through refills/sales. Echotopia’s Creature Love Refill Sign photos are HERE.

2. Cleaned and protected Mid-Atlantic waterways through repeated use of our biodegradable cleaners.

3. Promoted pollinator gardens, nature’s regeneration and biodiversity. We have saved, then sold, tens of thousands of native wildflower seeds embedded in about 300 plantable Echotopia Seed Rounds. Echotopia’s recycled paper is an effective binder for the seeds.


With a refill station stall at Baltimore weekend farmers markets, we sell laundry detergent, kitchen/bath cleaners, and hand scrub powder. Our child-friendly products get the job done. We use home grown medicinal herbs, essential oils, sustainably mined U.S.-sourced minerals, and local vegan castile soap. We offer re-use packaging & plastic-free or compostable accessories. Our products are fragrant, concentrated and safe. We sell plantable paper discs, Echotopia Seed Rounds, with embedded native perennial seeds. The wildflowers that germinate support pollinators, promoting eco-restoration and reciprocity with nature’s systems. Echotopia prioritizes fair trade and regional business partners. Echotopia® has an immediate positive impact on the environment and on the local living economy.  Echotopia LLC is based in Baltimore, MD, USofA.

Visit Facebook HERE for our current market schedule in Baltimore, Maryland.

For our story, see our 2015 fundraising video HERE.

See first season, 2015, farmers market photos HERE

Our cleaning products:

Echotopia® cleaning products are highly concentrated and longlasting. 

Laundry Powder: Lavender, Sage & Rosemary or Chamomile Rose.  Works in all washing machines, top loading and HE side loading. Put directly in the drum. See product description below for other tips.

All-purpose Scouring Scrub: Lemon Thyme or Orange Oregano. For kitchen and bath surfaces. Degreaser and multi-purpose surface cleaner. See product description below for other tips.

Hand Scrub: Hint of Mint or Tea Tree Tarragon.  Highly concentrated. Replaces wasteful liquid soaps in dangerous plastic containers. Exfoliating and moisturizing hand cleaner. Removes tough odors and stubborn stains, even from cuticles and nails. Ideal for cooks, farmers, gardeners, bike and car mechanics, painters, cobblers, jewelry makers, crafters, print makers, ceramic artists, fisherpeople.

Learn more:

Echotopia® waste-free natural cleaning products are aromatherapeutic and are locally manufactured by hand in small batches. They are sold at Baltimore farmers' markets and area shops.

At markets, customers can 1) bring their own containers, 2) use our upcycled containers when in stock, 3) buy Echotopia® re-use glass jars or canvas bags, 4) then return for refills, paying only for the powders..

Echotopia® implements cleaner, greener practices, reducing ecosystem pollution along with public and environmental health costs of cleaning. Our space uses over 50% LESS electricity than the average U.S. home. Echotopia’s home office’s regional wind energy company - from whom we purchase wind power for the local grid - avoided over 2.4 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions in 2018 alone. This is equivalent to taking over 233,000 cars of the road for one year, or planting over 18 million tree seedlings that grow for ten years. In 2019, we aim to do even better. We will transition to using 80% local community solar power with Neighborhood Sun (learn more HERE) and 20% wind power. We also use salvaged, compostable or recyclable materials at every opportunity, including our manufacturing process and shipping. We are close to our goal of petroleum and plastic-free ingredients and packaging. Echotopia® products and accessories don't contain nasty chemicals that harm our precious waterways. Our reuse containers do not become permanent or dangerous toxic waste destined for landfill, incinerators, or fragile natural settings like parks, trees, and rivers. Echotopia® will implement non-fossil fuel transportation at our earliest opportunity.

Echotopia® partners with our customers to create local wildflower habitats through another unique product, Echotopia® Seed Rounds: homemade 3" old paper discs embedded with native flower seeds In our first three years of business, our customers purchased hundreds of Seed Rounds designed to encourage multiplying wildlife gardens that feed embattled bees, birds, butterflies and others in our shared food chain. Together, we protect, restore and regenerate natural systems in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Together, we can clean it up. Echotopia® is a social enterprise for every one. Like a melodic and soothing echo, Echotopia® is music to our ears.


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Echotopia®  Garden Based, Zero Waste Natural Cleaning Products


Laundry Powder

Lavender, Sage & Rosemary/Chamomile Rose

Soothing, calming scent. Works in all washing machines. Concentrated. Contains 2 Use one T. per load, to get about ninety loads. Ingredients: garden herbs, essential oils, 100% natural cleaners and local, biodegrdable soap. Safe for people, waterways and nature. Made by hand. No dangerous chemicals, optical brighteners, phosphates or fragrances. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Put directly into the drum. Use one T. per load, more for big loads. Pre treat soiled or stained laundry. Optional: add 1/4 c. white vinegar into dispenser. For whites, do separate occasional load with an eco -safe alternative to bleach.

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Hand Scrub

Hint-of-Mint/Tea Tree Tarragon

Fresh, enlivening smell, eliminates stubborn stains, dirt, grime, and odors. Is both exfoliating and moisturizing. Use after fishing, gardening, cooking, painting, mechanics, ceramics, crafting and more. Made with garden herbs, essential oils and locally manufactured, all-natural olive oil castile soap and 100% natural mineral ingredients. Very concentrated, up to four month supply. Hole in lid for easy sprinkling onto hand.

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Scouring Scrub

Lemon Thyme/Orange Oregano

Delightful clean aroma, with powerful and healthful disinfectant properties. Concentrated. Up to 2 month supply. Made with local garden herbs, essential oils and 100% natural, biodegradable ingredients. Excellent for kitchen & bath surfaces. Safe for people, waterways and nature. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Sprinkle on countertops, bathtubs, sinks, stove tops, tile and grout. Wipe off surface with damp cloth. Works great with white vinegar for enzimatic cleaning process. Contains one gently abrasive ingredient. Test surface prior to using.

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Seed Rounds for Planting

Homemade artisan 3" discs designed to create mini wildflower gardens that feed local pollinators such as bees, moths, butterflies, and birds. They have a comforting, woodsy scent from drying in the sun, and are hand-made with old paper & native wildflower seeds saved from local gardens: Black-eyed Susans, Purple Coneflowers, Bee Balm, Butterfly Weed, Common Milkweek, Aster, Goldenrod seeds and more!

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Echotopia® products are sold in Baltimore, MD. See Facebook / Twitter for updates.

2019 market schedule is below. Questions? Contact:

32nd Street Farmers' Market

SATURDAYS a.m. March 2 & 16, April 6, May 4 & 18, June 1 & 29, July 13 & 27, Sept 14 & 28, Oct 12 & 26, Nov 9 & 23, Dec 7, 14 & 21. PLEASE visit the top of our FACEBOOK page for schedule updates or changes.

Baltimore Farmers' Market
SUNDAYS a.m. April 7, May 12 & 19, June 2, 16 & 30, July 14 & 28, Sept 15 & 29, Oct 13 & 27, Nov 10 & 24, Dec 8, 15, 21. PLEASE visit the top of our FACEBOOK page for updates or changes. 


Dear customers, have you planted your Echotopia® Seed Rounds? See our FB album to help identify what's growing. Remember to shred and spread ‘em. Plant them in full sun, an inch into healthy soil. Next, be patient and expect surprises - natural systems are always surprising and often inspiring. You will need to weed, perhaps redistribute, and nurture your native flowers. Feel free to save seeds and share yours too. And read on:

At Echotopia, we work for what Robin Wall Kimmerer calls RECIPROCITY. We make and sell Echotopia Seed Rounds to protect and build biodiversity: to offer host plants, and to feed songbirds, hummingbirds, butterflies, honey bees and other pollinators. So, did you plant your Seed Round? What germinated? Did you receive new pollinator visitors? Please share your photos on Instagram @echotopiandiane  or email us at with "SEED ROUNDS" in subject line. Include your zip code so we can begin to map out our progress. A sampling of what may be in our Seed Rounds, depending on our ever changing garden: 

Some native perennials: Black-eyed Susan, Echinacea (or Purple Cone Flower), Butterfly Weed, Joe Pie Weed, Common Milkweed, Swamp Milkweed, Aster, Goldenrod, Bee Balm (purple and red), Wild Blue Indigo, Lobelia. 

Other flowers: Marigolds, Giant Zinnea, Evening Primrose (biennial), Purple/Red Clover.

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Dear customers, Thank you for your partnership and effort in supporting Baltimore's garden-based, zero-waste and biodiversity-building cleaning products business. Gratitude also to Blue Water Baltimore for pollinator garden workshops. To learn more about why I make and sell Echotopia Seed Rounds alongside our other products, see The Benefits of Growing Wildflowers 

In hope, Diane Wittner, Owner & Alchemist, Echotopia® 

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In The News
Maryland Must Not Abandon Zero-Waste Efforts by Echotopia LLC Owner Diane Wittner, Baltimore Sun July 2017
 Home Green Home by Michelle Moncrieffe, Baltimore Magazine October 2015
Baltimore Based Sustainability Start Up Making Change Through Creative Activism by Daniel Stuelpnagel, What Weekly July 2015
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Customer Testimonials
"Echotopia® Hint of Mint Hand Scrub is the only reason my hands are presentable during garden season. I thank you every time I scrub away the deep dirt on my fingers-because I never keep my gloves on!" Dru Schmidt-Perkins, President and CEO Emeritus, 1000 Friends of Maryland, 2018
"Echotopia® Hint of Mint Hand Scrub is Drew and Andrew's favorite hand scrub. The jar has lasted a year with everyone using and loving it. Recommend it to every farmer, or anyone who gets their hands dirty." Joan Norman, farmer, One Straw Farm, 2018 (click HERE for photo)
"I use Echotopia® Lavender, Sage & Rosemary Laundry Detergent and Echotopia® Hint of Mint Hand Scrub - gentle and effective!"  D.S., 2017
"I use Echotopia® Lemon Thyme Scouring Scrub for my stainless steel kitchen sink and love it!" D.L.O., 2017
"You sent me a jar of Echotopia® Hint of Mint Hand Scrub and I put it under the kitchen sink because we did not need it just then. C. pulled it out a week ago and now I don't see how we could possibly live without it, especially after working in the garden. It is fantastic - clean smooth skin after a day of hard labor." Sam, 2016
"I knew this Echotopia® Lavender, Sage & Rosemary Laundry Detergent smelled great and was environmentally friendly, but I was not expecting it to work better than products from large-scale producers. When I pulled three items out of the dryer, stains that had been there for months were gone! So to my surprise, doing something that benefits the environment came at no sacrifice of performance. It actually restored clothing I had taken out of my office-wear rotation. It really works!" Betsy, 2015
"Our old, gross tile shower is sparkly white and new again! Thanks, Echotopia® Lemon Thyme Scouring Scrub!!!" Krissy, 2015
"Love the Echotopia® Hint of Mint Hand Scrub! Need to get more!" Julia, 2015

Mission and Vision

Mission: To build a verdant, fair, resilient and abundant local living economy for all in the Chesapeake region.

Vision: A healthy and regenerative society that engages in wise reciprocity with nature’s enchanting systems, since we are all in this together.




For Echotopia® inquiries, including special orders, please contact: